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Top Gospel Music Albums

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Top Gospel Albums

Top Gospel Albums

Gospel music is the expression of religious fervor in music and rhythm. It is known for the spirit-filled choir singing (along with grunts, exhortations, screams and hand-clapping) harmonizing quartets, soul-stirring crooners singing songs of praise for God and Jesus.

Gospel has roots in Africa where music, rhythm and religion combine. Black Africans who were brought to America as slaves create songs to lighten their labors and to express their condition. When the slaves were converted to Christianity (among the reasons, to prevent them from rebelling), the Black Africans, integrated their passion for their belief in Jesus and the gospel (Christian “good news”) with their worksongs and everyday songs. Gospel music was born.

Traditional gospel music followed the “call and reponse” pattern of work songs sung by the slaves in the cotton fields. The main vocalist – often a preacher – would sing, and his words would be repeated by the congregation or choir. Soon solo singers, and male harmony groups became popular.

To raise money to generate money for the black academic institutions like the Nashville Fisk University, singers from these institutions took fund-raising choir tours of North America. These so-called Jubilee singers became very popular. At the same time, increasingly urbanised black singers were adapting the popular style of four-part harmony group singing known as the “barbershop quartet” and adopted arrangements of much-loved hymns.

Gospel music influenced other musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, and several blues artists. It is also the root of R&B and of course, contemporary gospel.

Mahalia Jackson singing “Lord Don’t Move the Mountain”

The following are the best classic gospel music albums:

The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi singing “Lord You’ve Been Good To Me”


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