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Top Reggae Albums

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Top Reggae Music Albums

Top Reggae Music Albums

Reggae is the indigenous folk music of the vibrant Jamaican culture.  This music style is characterized by the emphasis on the off-beat, a laid-back rhythm, a strong bass line that makes it easy to dance to.

Reggae reflects the thought and spirit of the Jamaican people.  It influences political and social change, as much as politics and social change influence the music.  Dub, a reggae sub-genre, helped shape the reggae remix culture.  Reggae Deejays gave rise to the giant genre of music called rap.

Reggae originated from the sound system.  In the 1950’s dance promoters realized that it was cheaper to make records than to hire bands.  R and B were played on open space sound system lawn where the poor people of Kingston have their dance party.  To stay ahead of the others, the sound men constantly look for sound innovations, and many of them made their own records, creating their own record labels.  They test their music with the crowd’s reactions, and these reactions made reggae evolve into its various styles – Ska, Rock Steady, Roots, Dub, UK Reggae, Reggae Pop, Ragga, Dancehall, Bobo Dread Deejays, US Reggae, and Deejays.

“No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley from Legend

The following is a list of top 50 reggae albums of the last century:

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